Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Personal Readathon #2: Christmas Holiday

Last month, when I had one-day holiday (a national holiday of my country), I decided to have a quiet personal readathon. I mentioned my intention on twitter before leaving office the day before, and… got reply from Astrid that she’d be very pleased to join my readathon. So, we ended up having our each personal readathon at home, both reading different books. Nonetheless, we had good time together, while we were exchanging short messages twice or thrice during the 24 hours readathon, talking about what we were reading and our progresses. Then the next day we posted our fun personal readathon, and voila…. many of our friends seemed to be interested in joining the next readathon we’d be planning!

And, what was intended to be a quiet, silence personal readathon, now becomes a small group readathon (blame it to the power of social media!). However, since thinking that there are several persons out there are reading books at the very moment is really encouraging, Astrid and I decided to do another (still) quite personal readathon while minimizing the social interaction. So, here is our plan:

My Personal Readathon #2

  1. The concept is still having a quiet personal readathon, each with his/her own book, at his/her own pace. So, we are having a personal readathon of our own, but simultaneously with the others.
  2. It would be 36 hours readathon, but you may join in less/more than that.
  3. The readathon starts at 8:00 AM (GMT+7) on Monday, December 30th, 2013 and ends at 8:00 PM (GMT+7) on Tuesday.
  4. We would have 2 (two) break-points during the readathon; 1st is at 8:00 PM on Monday evening, 2nd is at 8:00 AM on Tuesday morning.
  5. You may opt to socialize a bit with the others to know their progresses (or just to have a little chit-chat about the readathon), or you may just continue your reading quietly.
  6. The break-points will be held in Twitter only, using hashtag #MyReadathon2 (please minimize mentioning too many people, as we don’t want to spam our followers).
  7. We can decide our own choices of book(s).
  8. We can have our own pace; you can stop reading to do what you must do, as the main purpose is to encourage you to read as many pages/books as you can.
  9. To participate? Just grab your book, and read with us, you don’t need to register or something… :)
  10. If you want, you can post your wrap up/report/just share about your readathon after it’s finished, but it’s not obligatory.
  11. If you have any questions, you can mention me @Fanda_A or Astrid @pippopu using the hashtag #MyReadathon2.

See you on the 30th! ;)


  1. Count me in!

    I'll take some from my list here:


    Thanks for hosting this hush-hush challenge ^^

    Yuska @ Lust and Coffee

  2. aaihhh...tanggal 30 aku masuk kantor ituuhhh :(

    1. Ya ikut aja sebisanya, Esi...kan malemnya bisa. Trus tgl. 31 gak libur?