Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Flourish and Blotts’ Wishlist: Hotter Potter April Meme

This is perhaps the most interesting month for Hotter Potter Meme, when all the participants—and they are all book bloggers!—will talk about… books! Because this month’s prompt is:

If you had a chance to visit Flourish and Blotts, what book (only one) would you bring home?
(Jika kamu berkesempatan mengunjungi toko buku Flourish and Blotts, buku apa yang akan kamu bawa pulang dari sana? Pilih 1 (satu) buku saja!)

I have created several of my own book wishlist, both at Goodreads—for keeping a record of those good books—as well as in online bookshops like Amazon and The Book Depository. So, if I were a witch, and  Flourish and Blotts has a wishlist feature for us, I might create one too… :)

Now about the book I’d like to buy from Flourish and Blotts. From all the books that you would find in it, I think this one has intrigued me the most:

The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts

Here is the Introduction to give you some nice teaser of it….. :)

Darker times have always seemed to create darker energies. When people aren’t happy with their lives, they can become angry and they can become vengeful. While this does not always happen, it is easy to see why some people would turn to darker magic in darker times. They wanted a way out of their current religions or their lives, and so they looked to create dark magic in order to alleviate their feelings and to make their lives better. But the truth of dark magic is that it’s not always as evil or as clear cut as it seems.” [source]

Interesting, eh?

And to know more about what this book contains, here are the chapters….
#1 - The Argument about the Dark Arts
#2 - The Darker Ages
#3 - The Fall of the Dark Arts
#4 - Today’s Dark Arts

Lately I’ve had a new interest in history; I’ve even bought ‘The History of the Decline and Fall of Roman Empire’ by Edward Gibbon. It’d be interesting to learn how a once-biggest civilization in the world could fall. I think, for witches and wizards, The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts would be as interesting as that; and what’s more, it’s also important to learn the signs of the Dark Arts rise and fall, so we could use it to protect ourselves. Dark Arts is an undivided part of wizardry world anyway, thus all related to them must have an influence to our world…. if you live in the same world as I do…the wizardry world. Or…ehmmm…is it? Or is it muggle world? Well, wherever we are, this is definitely a tantalizing book! *drooling*


  1. Di dunia muggle ada nggak nih? Kalau ada boleh tuh buat koleksi ;)

    1. Gimana kalo kita nitip Hermione aja kalo pas jalan2 ke Flourish & Blotts? :P

  2. Actually, not all of Hotter Potter participants are book bloggers, some of them are not. But that doesn't stop us from having fun with Harry Potter books, am I right?
    You got a interesting pick here, and I'm reminded of Mad-Eye Moody right away. I think if you really lived in wizarding world, you'd consider to be an Auror... hehehe!

    1. Oh really? It's good then.
      Hmmm...Auror? I don't know, maybe History teacher would be more suitable to me? :)