Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Most Annoying Character: Hotter Potter May Meme

This month’s meme of Hotter Potter came just with a perfect timing, when I was getting annoyed by certain characters in the 5th book. So, I knew instantly whom I’d like to write about when Melisa posted the question for May’s meme:

“Who do you think is the most annoying character in Harry Potter series? Why?”
[“Menurut kamu siapa karakter yang paling menyebalkan dalam seri Harry Potter? Alasannya?”]

Actually there are two persons whom I am annoyed at; these two are not the villains such as Voldemort or Bellatrix Lestrange or Dolores Umbridge. With them, I think I could not be annoyed because they are almost inhumane for me; humans without heart. No, these annoying characters of mine are good people who fought with Dumbledore against the Dark Arts, but there are things in them that annoyed me. Well, let’s just unveil the two most annoying characters of me… James Potter and Sirius Black.

I always despised bullying. I think bullying is even crueler than murder. In murder you steal a life away from the victim and it’s all over; but in bullying you keep him/her alive, while you are stealing his/her good future he/she deserved to have. And in the case of James and Sirius, they bullied Snape just because they didn’t like him! Really, I can’t stand it. To me, these actions are not just teenager foolishness—like what Sirius, Lupin and even Dumbledore said in defense of James—it was a lack of human compassion. I have recently read an argument from Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood; that from the age of 7, a child already has the knowledge or the sense of right and wrong, so there is no such nonsense of teenager foolishness in doing bullying!

James and Sirius were arrogant and indifferent teenagers when they were in fifth grade—from what Harry witnessed through Snape’s thoughts from the Pensive. Both of them thought they were superior, the most important figures of others. That might not be a serious sin, because a lot of teenagers think the same way; but that doesn’t mean they could torture other student out of indifference, just because Snape was just Snape and they don’t like him. Oh no, I can never tolerate that, whether they were heroes or not. For me they were just pathetic losers!

Okay, they had perhaps done a lot of worthy and heroic things later on after they were grown up—they were great wizards anyway--and bullying a teenager might just be a tiny spot in their curriculum vitae. But see what their actions had resulted; Severus Snape had grown up as a bitter man, and if only Dumbledore didn’t save him, he could have been a dangerous opponent if he served faithfully to Voldemort. I would like to know what James might have thought from his grave, knowing how Snape treated his son unfairly for those pain seven years. And that’s all began just because of two arrogant student’s foolishness. I think Snape was a good student, he worked hard at school, and later on should have become a good teacher if not because of his bitter manner towards students—thanks to his dark history.

So I think James and Sirius deserved to be my most annoying characters, because they just snatched a better life of another person, and for that, I can never forgive them. However, as I think this meme required us to pick only one most annoying character, I must pick one of those two anyway. I think I can spare James of this because he died very young (and so, didn’t do anything more foolish that what he’d done); and that leaves…

Sirius Black…

to be my most annoying characters in Harry Potter. He might not be the main cause of the bullying, but he agreed with James, he supported him. And I can see that Sirius never fully grown up when he was already adult. Sirius kept worshipping James; he never regretted what he had done with James as ‘teenager foolishness’ towards Snape. And the funniest of all, Harry Potter now worships him also as his godfather. Oh well, but Harry is as arrogant as his godfather—being James’ son and inherits James’ personalities—so I can’t be too surprised. And as a godfather, Sirius even disagreed with Harry’s cautious thoughts, sneered at him of being too soft, that the danger was what made it fun. Oh, what a perfect man for a godfather! There are people who never grow up and still think they are the best of all…… :(

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  1. Menurutku karakter Sirius seperti itu supaya imbang dengan karakter kebapakan yang lain kayak Mr. Weasley ato Lupin (emang belom jadi bapak, tapi setidaknya cukup bijak kan dia). So I can't blame Sirius for being that way. It's who he is anyway. :D

    1. Jadi Sirius dibikin kekanakan ya? Beda jauh dengan Lupin ya... :(