Monday, August 5, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 1: Confessions

Due to my works lately, I have been delaying to post this cool meme. Many book bloggers have been doing this for weeks, but if you still don’t know about it, this meme is created by this blog. I think I’ll have a try, although I can’t promise to finish all the 15 prompts! It’s a long holiday for us in Indonesia now, so hopefully I can squeeze the posts within my (tight) reading schedule. 

Now, here’s the first one:

My 15 Book Related Confessions

  1. I like to read several books simultaneously; my record so far is three books at the same time.
  2. As I always love planning and organizing, I make my reading plan yearly, consisting of books in TBR piles, as well as books I have wanted to read, plus books I have challenged myself to read.
  3. Related to #2, I am not a moody person, so I am comfortable to follow my own reading schedule, and therefore rarely find myself wondering what book I shall read next. I only have to pick one from the list of the month (I usually put one ‘guilty pleasure’ book after several serious ones, just in case!).
  4. I read wherever, whenever I can, that’s why I always bring book(s) when I leave home.
  5. Related to #4, I often stop abruptly in the middle of a chapter, or even in the middle of a paragraph (and this could happen more than twice a day, I rarely get chance to non-stop reading). That’s why every book I am reading always has its own bookmark.
  6. And because of #5, I become a bookmark collector! I collect bookmarks from books I have read (usually from Indonesian publishers), as well as those cute bookmarks from The Book Depository!
  7. I like it everytime my boss leaves the office without leaving me any engaging jobs, so that I can spend some times to read in my sanctuary (pssst…please don’t tell him! LOL..).
  8. When I am reading, I always ‘play’ the scenes from the books inside my head, and that’s why it takes longer for me to read, because I don’t just read the words literally, I would also imagine the setting, the sounds, the scenes, as if I am at that scenes myself.
  9. My best reviews usually come from books that have moved me during the readings; or books I really love. But all of them must be written as soon as I finish the books, delaying it would reduce the posts’ intensity.
  10. The first-few-pages is the most important aspect for me to decide whether I would like a book or not, because it’s almost always accurate!
  11. I always try to read books before watching the movie adaptations; and read books which becomes the main topic or is retold in another book before I read the retold version (e.g. I read Dante’s Inferno first before The Dante’s Club).
  12. In the past I did not like to scribble notes or highlight passages in a book, until I delve a lot in classics and literary fiction. Then, I found that scribbling notes in book helps me a lot in following my own thoughts during the reading. More than that, I feel more closely related to books which bear my writings; like it’s not just any book, it’s MY book.
  13. I have a 25 inch (about 64 cm) high book pile behind my desk at the office, and fortunately my lovely boss never mention about this, although he can clearly see it everytime he enters my room, not mentioning how often the postman sends me packages...Love you for this, boss!! :)
  14. I prefer my books without plastic covers, I like them just bare. I don’t like to see them through plastics.
  15. My bed is my favorite place to read, but I never read while lying on it. I prefer to set pillows on my favorite spot, and sit comfortably there, and as long as I have sufficient supplies of water and chocolate biscuits, then I can read peacefully.

Do you share some habits of mine?


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  1. #1 is amazing, because I can never do that xD
    i also did #8 every time i read ;D
    waiting for your next challenge post :DD

    1. And I just hate people who laugh at me when they read the same book faster than me :( Reading is supposed to be enjoyable time, not competition!

    2. i totally agree ;D
      the main purpose of reading is to enjoy it.

  2. Hey Fanda,

    I loved your meme! There are many common things between us.
    #1 like you, I can read different books simultaneously, but of different subjects. In the morning in my office (I like to read for about 30-60 minutes) I read books in Health psychology/psychology. But, when I get home, I read novels, poems, and plays.
    # 4 Like you, I always have a book with me, even on my cell-phone; and I read wherever, and whenever possible. But, I prefer hard copies to ebooks.
    # 5 I use different bookmarks, as well as ‘Stick It’ notes (I use different colors).
    # 8 I like to imagine the scenes too, and I do not read the book literally.
    #9 Me too, my best reviews are of books the moved me during the reading or books I love.
    # 10 The first few pages are important to me too.
    # 11 like you, I love to read the books before watching the movie adaptations, but sometimes, I may just take a look at some movies, just to be able to imagine the setting, the fashion, and places I am addicted to classics of old times. For instance, I am reading now Madame’ de Lafayette’ “Princess of Cleves” during the time of Henry II, Mary of Scots, and Catherine de Medici, so I watched few minutes of the movie on YouTube, just to be sure that I am on the right track.
    #12 I like to scribble notes in my books and in different colors, I even use highlighters too.
    # 13 I have books on my bookcase in my office too, and no one says anything; however, they are in health psychology and psychology (related to my work).
    #14 I don’t like plastic covers either. And I may buy different copies of the book, just because of the cover design/painting.
    # 15 I love to read in my bedroom too (novels), but I love to read psychology/health psychology books in my office in the early morning, with a big glass of water and a big mug of Nescafe.

    1. Wow....we do have a lot of commons!
      #14: For my favorite authors, I tend to buy the same edition or at least 2 or 3 editions max.

  3. I do #8, too! It's best not to see the film adapt first either b/c then it ruins the characters and setting that you have created in your mind while reading.

    1. Hello Ruth,

      I agree with you. But, only in some cases I feel it is good to have just a glance at film adaptations, just to be able to imagine the right settings, decoration, places, or fashion (especially, for classics). For instance, I am currently reading Madame Lafayette' "The Princess of Cleves" and Looked at the movie for about three minutes, which was very helpful, the same was true for Virginia Woolf' 'To The Lighthouse'.

      Happy reading.

      Maan Kawas

    2. Agree, Ruth! I am quite strict to this one, actually. Except when I don't realize that the movie came from a book when I watch it.

  4. #2 Good to see I'm not the only one to do such elaborate planning for my reading. I enjoy reading as a social activity so I participate in several book groups. I also like to do reading related to places I go to or other events like lectures or art exhibits. It can get a little tricky to make sure I've allowed enough time to get the books read. I have to map out a schedule so I can pace myself and not get distracted with other reading when "deadlines" are approaching. Sometimes these schedules are mapped out months or even a year or more in advance.

    1. Ah, and it's good to meet someone who understand how the plans make reading much more enjoyable. Like you, even today, I have mapped the next year's schedule! ;)