Monday, August 12, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 8: 15 Things Appeal to Me on Blogs

I like to visit blogs which have these qualities:

  • Light and quick to load – complex template, header, and choice of widgets usually determine it.
  • Easy navigation – I hate it when I stumble upon a post, then I want to read his/her other posts, but can’t find the “home” nor the way to other posts (except ‘next’ and ‘previous’). Archives and Categories are nice too.
  • Simple decoration – I always love simplicity; complex template would distract me from the writings.
  • Low contrast background – dark background annoyed me because it depresses my mood and tiring my eyes.
  • Readable font – both the style and the size; I hate blogs with tiny and curly fonts.
  • Hosted by a “real” person – I know that some bloggers prefer to hide their real identity, but I like it when I can see who is behind the words; I like the idea of visiting and talking to someone real, rather than a “ghost”. For they who don’t want to reveal their real name, they can fake it, but at least provide us your photo, but of course…everyone has their own choice. (For you who are not Indonesian, “Kutubuku” in my profile name isn’t a real name, by the way :) “Kutubuku” means “book worm”. But Fanda is, of course, my real first name).
  • No music please! – not only it makes a blog heavier to load, it’s annoying too to open such blog when one doesn’t want to hear music (such as at office); moreover, music distracts me from reading.
  • Variable posts – blog that contains only reviews is boring; it’s like opening a bookreview-generating site rather than a personal book blog. Telling a bit about your personal life is OK, especially when it’s related to books.
  • Personal touch – in the posts! I like it when a blogger writes from their hearts. Plain reviews with same standard structure bored me; while emotional reviews entertain me.
  • Reply to comments – the only way to socialize in blogosphere is through comment box. I like it when a blogger replies my comment; I won’t feel like I’m talking to a robot or as if I’m abandoned.
  • Review index – where I can look at a glance, books that a blogger has read and reviewed.
  • Writing style – it explains itself, I think…
  • Regular posts – it doesn’t have to be very frequent, but consistent in posting, so I won’t be wondering what has happened to you.
  • Paragraphs – I hate it when bloggers write without paragraph, or don’t give space between paragraphs!
  • Review books of my interest – I’m not wasting my time to read reviews of books I don’t like and won’t read.

Well….what do you like in MY blog? :)


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  1. We have a lot in common about this! Especially the clean layout and no music :D

    1. Hehe...I think it reflects from our own blogs too. :)

  2. #4 - I thought I was the only one (>_<)
    really dark backgrounds actually makes me lose interest.

    And it seems that SO many people dislike automatic music on blogs (including me)... so I really wonder why a lot of people still include music :P