Friday, August 23, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 11: Five of My Best Blog Posts

It’s really hard to pick only five posts of my favorites! There are a lot of posts that I love to reread, because I have had fun when writing them, or the book has moved me such that my emotion involved in the reviews writing. But five is the rule, so here they are in random order…

Zola’s La Bête Humaine is depicting lives and struggles of people around the train industry. La Lison is a locomotive driven by Jacques Lantier, the main character. One winter day, La Lison had one of her hardest trips across the heavy snow, and Zola portrayed this scene so beautifully, that inspired me to publish this post.

Still from Zola, Germinal is my most favorite novel till now. The ending is so beautiful and inspiring, that this post (originally published for a challenge) becomes one of my favorites, and I came quite often here, just to read the quote!

Although Sketches by Boz is not the best from Dickens, it’s quite amusing to learn a lot about London at Victorian era. It is particularly very fun to post about it. I have posted in four categories, but I like ‘The Amusements’ the most.

The book might never be my most favorite, but this particular review is somehow special for me. Maybe because I have found a similarity between the main protagonist and myself, so that the review becomes quite personal.

Still another one from Zola; this time my review of La Bête Humaine. There’s no better excuse to why I like this one, other than….I just like it. I enjoyed the writing, and enjoyed while rereading it.

Do you like them too? :)


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