Friday, August 9, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 5: A Tear-Jerker

I must confess. I am not an emotional person, but I am so easily moved when reading books. So, to pick only one tear-jerker is quite difficult. After browsing my reviews of this year, I think this book is very recommendable as a tear-jerker. I mean, a book that might really jerk your tears, not just some books I have (easily) shed mine.

Vivaldi’s Virgins by Barbara Quick

The review is in Bahasa Indonesia, but in short, Vivaldi’s Virgins is a historical fiction about a girl named Anna Maria dal Violin, one of the residents of Ospedale della Pieta (girls convent and music school) in Vienna, Italy. Antonio Vivaldi (the famous musician who was also a priest) was one of the teachers there, and Anna Maria was one of his favorite pupils. This book tells the struggles of the girls to build their future as women in the era of 17th century of Italy. It is a beautiful story, beautifully crafted by Quick. But what makes me pick this as a tear jerker, is because from the first chapter, this book has forced me to cry! And after that, I cried quite frequently through out the story; particularly, everytime Anna Maria writes her feeling to ‘a mother’ she never knows.

Just try yourself…. But prepare a box of tissues beside you!


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  1. Hey Fanda,

    Seems a good book!!! As for me, actually, I am a sensitive person and I may easily shed tears when I listen or watch a beautiful and sad opera, or when I read a moving book, or watch a moving scene in a movie (It's embarrasing though). However, I would nominate Alexandre Dumas Fils' novel "Camille; or The Lady of the Camellias" as a tear-jerker. Every time I read it I shed tears. Even when I watched Verdi's Opera "La Traviata" which was based on the same novel, I shed tears, esepcially, in the last scene:


    Maan Kawas

    1. Yep, it's really embarrasing to weep during a movie, I do that quite often too. About Lady of Camellias, I'll keep it in mind. :)