Wednesday, August 21, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 9: Why I Blog About Books

When I was starting my very first blog, I have just returned from years of bookworm-sabbatical. I mean, I still read several books all those years, but then I did it for entertainment only. On around 2008, I had the urge to read more seriously. I also think it would be great to keep the essence of my reading in a safe place, so that I can return to it whenever I want to. And it would be better if others can get benefits from my readings.

I always think that reading books is like having a trip to strange places. When we are on vacation, we use to capture all the happy moments by camera or video so that we would never forget about it. In reading, I capture the happy moments by jotting them down in a blog post (people call it review). And that’s how and why I started blogging about books years ago.


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