Wednesday, August 7, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 3: My Blogging BFFs

The blogging BFFs for me are they with whom I share most time and interest in blogosphere, as well as other social media speaking about what I blog. Let’s jump to the list then, here they are…

Melisa (Surgabukuku)
Melisa is a blogger who shares most similarities with me: she lives in the same city as I do—Surabaya (and that means we often meet offline, and each time we would exchange books to bring home, ha!). She loves classics too, and although our interest is slightly different sometimes, there are quite many books that we share the same interest in (chance of borrowing each other here!). We both even founded an Indonesian community of classics reading last year. Not only in interest, we often share the same idea and opinion towards bookish and blogging things. These similarities used to be the topic of our daily chats and/or tweets! :)

Maan Kawas (@MaanK2)
Maan is not a blogger (I have persuaded him to blog, but with no success!..), but he is (at present) my most frequent blog reader and commentator—thanks Maan! We share similar interest in classics, and Maan confessed that my review posts often persuade him to read the books. :) I first knew him on my Zoladdiction event last April, as we both happen to like Emile Zola.

Listra (Half-Filled Attic) and Dessy (Ngidam Buku)
With these ladies, I share the excitement of hosting Let’s Read Plays reading event. Dessy and I are new in plays before this event, but Listra is a genuine fan of Shakespeare. Beyond Shakespeare, we share same interest in classics, although our choices are sometimes different. Listra and I both love Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers (and sometimes do some fangirling), while Dessy and I prefer to share Oscar Wilde’s wittiness, and sometimes Formula One madness too... OK, this has nothing to do with blog :) I have met Dessy once in Jakarta; and I think it would be cool to meet Listra in person too. Someday, I hope!

Maria (Hobby Buku’s Classic), B-zee (Bacaan B-Zee) and Astrid (Books To Share)
These ladies’ range of reading are quite wide, but sometimes they share the same interest with me too, especially when it comes to classics. Maria lives in Surabaya too, so I meet her quite often. B-Zee has co-hosted the Gone With the Wind read along event (what a memorable event it was, eh, B-zee?), and I hope someday we can meet in person. I have met Astrid during her visit to Surabaya the other day, with her I can talk a lot about Grisham’s novels, as we both love him! And some fangirling moments of Leonardo di Caprio never bore us… :)

Apart from them, of course, there are many of you whom I like to share about books and readings, that I can’t list one by one here. I maybe visit your blogs without your knowing, because I don’t leave a comment, or maybe you are a frequent silent visitor to my blog posts without my knowing either. In short, thanks to all of you, within or out of the list, for your friendship in blogosphere! :)

A special thanks to Helvry who helps me a lot with technical problems in blogging. By the way, we share the same interest in philosophical books, although he is more ‘hardcore’ than I am (my level is still with Jostein Gaarder right now, LOL!).

Want to share your BFFs in blogging too? Please feel free…..


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  1. awww... thanks for mentioning mba fan :) always love to read your posts, whether it's classic (I remember you're the one who persuaded me to read- and finally like- dickens)- or any other genre (yep, never got bored of some grishams, and also rowlings). I hope one day we can meet again - and talk about our favorites more and more! :)

    1. I'm glad you eventually love Dickens. Yeah...I hope we can meet again someday, and have more talks on Grisham, Dickens, and many-many more!

  2. Aww, there's my name :') so I'm the only one that haven't met you..? I should plan a trip to Surabaya then. And, oh yes, that read along is really something :D

    1. Listra haven't met me also.
      Hopefully you'll be able to have a trip to Surabaya, you'll meet some interesting BBI-ers here! ;)

  3. Hi Fanda,

    Thanks for mentioning my name :) To be honest, I love so much visiting your blog, so beautifully organized, rich of information, and full of temptatons. It encouraged me to read plays more, even prose poems (which I never did before. I really enjoyed reading and discussing Zola with you (although I intend to go reading more of his great novels), and I was happy that, as a result of your encouragement, to read Dante's Inferno, reread and watch 'The Great Gatsby", and to read and watch Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard", and of course Bauers' 'The Well-educated Mind". As for having my own book blog, I may do so in the near future, as I need to learn about blogging issues.

    Thanks and all the best

    Maan Kawas

    1. Thanks for being my faithful reader!
      And I wish I can persuade you also to blog about your readings... :)
      About Zola, don't worry, I'll host another Zoladdiction next year, and perhaps I'd accompany you to read Germinal. I am really tempted to re-read it!