Monday, September 9, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 15: My Blogging Mentors

There might be many of them who have been helping me since I started blogging about five years ago, but I’m going to mention they who inspired me in my book blogging.

He is my fellow Indonesian blogger, and he’s been book blogging long before I began. At first I didn’t even know about book review, I just wanted to take important notes of books I have read. Then I stumbled upon his book blog, and from then on I learned how to write a proper book review.

I forget how I got into The Well-Educated Mind, but I remember that I stumbled upon Ruth’s blog when I was googling about the book. Then I thought, it is a great idea to blog about it (not only read books and take self notes). And so, I learned how Ruth works on the stage inquiries in separate posts, etc. So, after I bought the book, I blogged my WEM works too along other posts.

Who are your book blogging mentors? Let share… :)


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